Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My coach Lisa came over last night. She brought that wicked measuring tape with her too... and I thought she was such nice people. Damn.

Anywho, we take my measurements and after 8 weeks of Bootcamp, I have lost 34.5 inches all over my body! You know that's almost 3 feet, RIGHT?? I have a long ways to go still, but the results feel amazing. I took some new pics - and I am so weirded out by the woman I am becoming! Who the hell is THAT!?

There is so much more I want to talk about - the great times my kids and I had playing with my extra skin. I know that sounds really gross, but growing up we NEVER discussed weight. It makes me feel good to know that it's not a taboo subject... talk about fat all you want: fat, fat, fat. Jiggle jiggle.

I don't know how I truly compare to people anymore. When we're out in public and I see a larger person, I always have to ask: "bigger or smaller?" I am astonished when I am told that I am smaller.

Another plus - I can no longer shop at my fat girl stores. Nope. I am too small for Catherines AND Avenue. There is one size left for me at Lane Bryant. Dress Barn is good still, but I have issues with a fat girl shopping in a place with Barn in the name - MOO. I think they just called me fat.

Someone recommended Fashion Bug. I think I will have to check them out. I love all this money I am saving from not having to shop at a big girl store - as we speak, I am sitting in a $9 halter dress from Walmart... size 14. Oh yea, life is good.

Ok all, I am going to go to bed - I need to get in my early morning workouts again - and just use the evenings for extras. I have 4 days left until Bootcamp - I should be able to get in 6 workouts. I am flirting with another decade mark (and less than 100 pounds to lose!) so I want to push past this wall as much as I can to see that new decade.

LOVING LIFE! Oh, and here are some of the new pics! (my room isn't usually this messy - my son had just come in to wreck the joint and leave his toys all over, the little... JOY)


  1. You are such a beautiful woman!! You are such an inspiration. I am not doing much in terms of exercise these days do to this surgery...and I thought there has got to be a way...what would Erinn do? So I have been working out in the pool! You also inspired mine and Brian's grocery list. It was full of protein, lean meats, calcium, and veggies! My little Emma will be two on Monday, and good habits have to start right now! Thank you Erinn!! Perhaps some 1940-1950's sexy pin up photo shoots are in your future?? Like Betty Paige style! When I reach my goal weight that's what I want to do...that style really encouraged a healthy curvy body!!
    Much love and good luck on your weigh in tomorrow!!!
    Miss Katie ;)

  2. I LOVE BETTY PAGE! Fantastic idea! So glad to have you in on this part of my life. You are SUCH a gift to me.

  3. You have the Betty Page look already!... awesome job on all the weightloss :)