Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lived To Tell The Tale...

So, I think I have finally beat out that garbage virus that was holding me back. I've worked out every day (not as much, but I am building again), water is UP, food is on program. So many people have commented this week on how great I look. They aren't specifically speaking about my body - at my weight and with my extra skin, I'm not what you would call a sexy beast - but my eyes. They are clearer, happier... my spirits are sky high, my moods are stable (mostly) and I feel great. Better yet, I LOOK like I feel great.
There are a few people in my life who have yet to mention any changes - in over 50 pounds - but I'm not really tripping. I think they are mostly those who don't know how to bring it up, without feeling like they are calling me a fatty... so, I just remind myself inside that I am doing very, very well.
I am on the cusp of 2 big milestones - 1. My 30th birthday (7/7) and 2. Having less than 100 pounds to lose.
I'm so excited I think I just may pee. My arms are looking so great, but I am having issues with the extra skin - it just looks so gross and it really hides the guns, ya know? I really want to go have another consultation with the plastic surgeon, but on the other hand I don't want to hear that removing all this extra skin is going to cost me $30K.
Too bad Oprah's retiring, I was really counting on her to bankroll this operation! Ok all, I am off to the gym - I'll be back tomorrow to report my weigh in! *eep*
Oh! This weekend was Pride, check out the fun times - to see all 90 photos, ya gotta find me on Facebook.... it's taking too danged long to upload here.


  1. Lovey - Email ELLEN! She's changing lives too! There's a whole section on it on her website. I know that the surgeries you will want will be expensive but insurance or personal loans should cover it. And maybe you start with your arms now and do other things when you're ready. Really just do what is going to make you feel more like you now. I see you wearing a skimpy little tank in those pictures. I'm so glad the woman I love so much is finally getting comfy in her own skin. You are seeing you the way I've always seen you - beautiful, vibrant, loving, and full of life! You are an inspiration! Keep going love! You are over halfway there!

  2. This is why you're my bestie - I love you so very very much. I am wearing a tank there, which makes 3 times I've worn a tank top in public! I want to get a little more cut before I get the surgeries, all the websites say that you get the best results when the muscles underneath are strong and you have overall better fitness. So, I am going to work as hard as I can to make sure I have a great foundation in place before doing any surgery... but I will DEFINITELY email Ellen!

  3. Hey, my birthday was 7/7 too, btw... :) I turned 32 though.