Monday, May 17, 2010

The Coolest Thing in the World...

So, one of the women on Fitday posted this AMAZING website ( where you enter how much weight you've lost/want to lose and they tell you what it means in terms you can understand such as... my 164 pound loss equals saying "no" to 6598 glasses of wine or jumping rope for 29 days straight! Amazing, and lots of fun.
So, now that I have achieved one goal, I am setting another: I want to lose an even 200 pounds (though more is ok too!) by my 30th birthday - which is July 7th. So, about 7 weeks to lose 36 pounds. Think I'm crazy? Maybe...
The whole family has started working out, which is just so thrilling to me. I find that I hold myself back a little to stick with them, but they are DOING IT... and I want to honor that.
On another health note, I quit smoking today. I'd quit smoking for 18 months when we decided to get pregnant again, but started again on New Years Eve of this year. I just hate how gross I smell, the horrible breath and the aching feeling in my lungs. After a great workout my lungs feel so clean and clear - I hate polluting that with cigarettes. That and considering that my mother is dying from her 43 year cigarette addiction means that I just can't do it anymore.
There is a point in your life when smoking stops looking cool and just starts looking freaking dumb. When those wrinkles start creeping into your face and your fingers are turning yellow is when it stops being sexy... and starts becoming a turn off.
So, here's to my first evening of being smoke free (again). Wow, no more drinking, healthy eating, exercise and no more smoking... who the hell am I!? Eventually I want to kick my addiction to artificial sweeteners but my paralyzing fear of diabetes keeps that my strongest addiction.


  1. That's only a little over 5 pounds a week on average. I think you can totally do it. Your dedication is amazing and now that everyone is working out together it'll be that much easier to get it done :) I'm so proud of you honey.

    I too want to quit smoking as soon as I get back on my meds. Unfortunately, right now it's the only mild form of cramping control I have. An excuse, perhaps. But I can't risk quitting something that may make my pain higher. Not when I'm so close to home :)

    Just gotta push through a couple more weeks then we'll be back and I can come work out with you guys! At least I hope I can :) :) :)

  2. Eh, the family workout only lastest for 2 days. Whatev. Sorry, I'm pissy today.