Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Down... Two To Go!

So, this morning as I was getting ready for church.... I saw my old nemesis peeking out from my closet.

They were all black... the appropriate color for a villian. They taunted me with just a flash of shine. I examined them from the corners of my eyes. They knew I could hear their jeering... zippers flapping like miniature tongues - spraying me (and all my efforts) with spittle.

"We are too much for you... you know you don't want to start your day like this... just leave it alone and come back when you really want a piece of us... see your trusty maryjanes? Yea, that's more your speed, Tubby."

I pretended to ignore the cheeky bastards. Today, defeat was not an option. They were completely unaware of my secret trainings at dawn. I had cleverly forgotten to mention it to them. I calmly walked to my dresser, pulled out my stockings and put them on in the other room. I entered the closet once more... still not giving them the benefit of eye contact. Best if I catch them unaware. I continued with the subterfuge by grabbing a leopard print wrap-around-skirt. It was too big!! So, pretending to whine and look for another skirt, I quickly entered the closet once more. I knew the ruse was complete!

There they sat, staring up at my skirts... wondering which one I would choose when WHAM! I snatched them up by the calves, walked them directly to my bed and ZIPPPPPPPPED them up.

That would be the last time stylish footwear makes me their enemy. I can almost hear them warning those skinny jeans in the back of my drawer.

I wanted to take a victory picture, so after my workout this afternoon, I changed back into my outfit... so, forgive the hair and raccoon eyes... I was a bit sweaty. Sigh, eventually I will take a picture BEFORE my workout!

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