Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Le Sigh...

ok, so I've been a bit MIA to my friends, family and my blog this week. I'm here to make amends. As I've explained in previous posts, I weigh myself on Thursdays and that is the only weight I record... but I still weigh myself every day to make sure I am making progress. So, this weekend was AMAZING. We had our dear friends over for dinner Friday, and spent most of Saturday and Sunday together. I love my friends.
I made good choices. I didn't have any dessert on Friday, no junk food on Saturday and on Sunday I ordered a veggie breakfast burrito but only ate the insides.
I have a point, promise.
I worked out every bleeding day. I didn't drink enough water and I had 4 glasses of wine. So, Sunday evening all the way until this morning I had a 5 pound gain. I have been LIVING in the gym, working my arms, legs, abs, busting out cardio until my shirt is drenched and sticking to my back. I added Yoga and began doing my weight lifting WHILE riding the stationary bike. I have been drinking 150 ounces of water everyday and sticking to my food plan. Three pounds came off between last night and this morning. I am trying to get the last 2 pounds off so maybe, just maybe I can break even. Now, I believe that the gain was actually water retention since yesterday I drank 150 ounces and barely pee'd at all!!! We'll see what I have to report on Thursday. I am just praying it's not a gain.
On a plus note, I got into a pair of jean shorts I haven't been able to wear since 2006. They are FOUR sizes smaller than what I was wearing in March.
I am playing with my kids more, and I think it's just great that THEY get tired much sooner than I do. I just get a kick out of that. My biceps are popping out and I feel much stronger.
Sorry if this doesn't make sense, it's late and I am beat. I just couldn't go to bed another night without blogging.

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  1. I think your biggest accomplishment here, whether you report a gain or not on Thursday, is that you are playing with your kids more! You are an amazing mother and I know you cherish every minute you get with your children. You love watching them grow and learn and that's something I've always admired about you - you are very present with your kids. Being able to play around, crawl on the floor, whatever! with them more than before, I would imagine, is a blessing in itself. The weight loss is amazing and congrats on the four sizes! That's wonderful! But just remember, when Thursday comes around if there is a little gain, think back to playing with the babies. You had an amazing time with friends and you ARE busting your ass so don't beat yourself up.

    And remember muscle weighs more than fat so if you're lifting more now than before you might not see as much of a loss on the scale but you'll see it and feel it elsewhere.

    I love you doll! Keep up the amazing work!