Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yea, that was effing dumb.

So, this weekend was my son's 1st birthday party... and I ended up tearing a three inch hole in my bicep... I have been on therapeutic rest since Saturday night. It is a dumb injury, one might even say BONEHEAD. Don't agree to arm wrestle with a 16 year old... especially one who's arms are as big around as your neck. Certainly don't arm wrestle with a 16 year old boy who doesn't understand that if he pulls and pushes your arm in many different directions while you are fully flexed. It hurts, and that stunt may cost you surgery.

You don't think I let that stop me do you!? Do you know who I am?

So, since I can't do my weight lifting, I am bumping up with 2 hours of cardio and still doing my core exercises. I am doing 60 toe taps, 60 bicycles, and some serious butt workouts!

I am fighting a bit of depression, really pissed at myself and just hate that I can't work out my arms. Lisa, my trainer called to check on me today. She is so awesome. We discussed the possibility of me becoming a triathlete like it was a real possibility! I just had to crack up over that one. It is a dream though. We got on the topic of plastic surgery (I am having my head transplanted onto Barbie's body... just drill the appropriate holes) and she said that my tummy tuck may be able to be covered by insurance. If that doesn't work, I am writing Oprah, I SWEAR! Well, Sara will write Oprah, I will be too busy laughing at that skinny ass girl with my smile in the bathroom mirror.

I find myself daydreaming about that moment... when 150 is within my reach. Do I want a party? Something private? What would you do at the moment you realize you've attained your life's dream and lost 280 pounds? I'm open to ideas here people.

On a last note... I have 118 to go until goal. I am off to drink some water. I can not express how much your comments and encouragement mean to me. You are my inspiration, thank you for letting me be yours. Loving life.

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  1. FUCK private baby we are going ALL OUT! We are going shopping and getting you something you would have never DREAMED of wearing. Then we will bar hop even if we have to stay in Sac to do it. You need to CELEBRATE your accomplishments because 280 pounds is nothing to keep secret! You ARE an inspiration. You are my inspiration to stay positive and keep moving forward because although our journey's and goals are very different they can be faced with the same attitude. Thank you for writing here. I miss your face and it gives me the little bump I need to just keep going.

    I WILL write Oprah. And Ellen, and Maury, and whoever the fuck else I can think of. Dr. OZ!!!! Someone will help you drop off that last bit when you get to that point. I just know it. Your story will touch more than just those you share it with here. You will touch everyone you meet. Not just with your story either but with your strength, dedication, and that damn smile of yours!

    I am so thankful to call you my best friend. BFF!! I love you doll. I can't wait to see you! We'll have water together by a lake or something ;)