Friday, May 14, 2010

TMI? Not for me...

So, anyone who has ever been extremely overweight (or owned a very small tub), knows the sheer mortifying reality that comes with either filling up or emptying the tub while sitting in it. You become a flesh dam! No water gets either in front or behind you, since your butt is perfectly wedged into the tub.

Well, here's to a non-scale victory. My ass now has a good four inches on the side of it when I sit in the tub. This is a big development for a recovering flesh dam! On another nice note, I can stand and completely shave my legs... all twisty and turny and I can reach every inch without holding my breath or having to lie down in the tub with my legs on the wall.... here's to becoming normal.

I weighed in yesterday (Thursdays are my weigh in days) and I have now lost 164 pounds. I would still like to get my body fat percentage down, but I am definitely seeing the results. Now I have 116 left to lose until my goal...

My clothes are baggier, but I am still have not lost a single size. Which is freaking impossible to believe since I have lost 41 pounds in 9 weeks. Just going to give my body time to catch up.

I am feeling kindof over being in pain. My bicep healed, though I am still on lighter than normal weights. Earlier this week I spilled a pot of boiling water down the front of myself and the burn runs across my entire torso. Then, by some miracle I woke up with another burn on my knuckle and a huge scrape across the other - like I was fighting something in my sleep. That and a few blisters and an abcessed molar... I am through with the pain. I just want the pain to go away - it's making me depressed and feeling gross. Oh, and a huge pimple coming in on my nostril... thanks a lot. Maybe if I have all my injuries at once, I will just go for a long while feeling great. Here's hoping.

I woke up this morning at 5AM and rocked out my workout. I ate 1180 calories and will have drunk 100 ounces of water before going to sleep. Next big goals to incorporate: quit diet soda, quit all articificial sweeteners... get my entire workout completed before 7AM.... hahaha, I am so living in the clouds.

Have a great weekend, I'll be watching the water drain out of the tub. Peace.


  1. You are doing so well, Erin. I'm very proud of you.

  2. Thanks Adi, even if my name is Erinn.... epic fail. Hahaha, just had to get you back for Sara.

  3. I forgot to mention that I haven't lost a size in 8 weeks - not that I haven't lost a size in 164 pounds! Though I think I am going to try some smaller clothes this week. Just didn't want any confusion.