Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I get a lot of people asking me one question: HOW DO YOU DO IT? So, I will write it down right here for ya:


Within 1 hour of waking: 1 Mocha Protein Shake Packet, 1 Cappacino Protein Shake Packet in 16 ounces of plain black coffee. Blended (with the lid slightly off or the hot coffee will create too much pressure and your blender will explode protein all over you and your kitchen).

2-3 Hours Later: Snack (2 hard boiled eggs)

3-4 Hours Later: 10 peices of TURKEY (super low fat, low cal) salami, a low fat string cheese stick and a whole tomato.

2 Hours Later (or sooner if I am hungry or will be busy at my eating time): Another cheese stick and another tomato, or half a large cucumber sliced up.

Dinner: Usually 4-6 ounces of a lean poultry, a salad (with feta or blue cheese crumbles for fats) and about 1-2 cups of steamed broccoli

By the end of the day: 4 servings of unsaturated fats, 30-40 grams of non-starchy veggie based carbs, 150 grams protein, 100 ounces of water... around 1200 calories. But I feel as though I am constantly eating! I always have something to shove in my face, I just make sure it's something worthwhile... and something that's not going to land me in the gym for another 2 weeks.


Morning: 35 minutes of cardio (usually stationary bike on the "weight loss" programming, which runs 4 minute cycles between resistance levels of 1 and 10 and then a 5 minute cool down.

Evening: 3 sets of 10 each: bicep curls, side arm raises, shoulder squeezes, door knobs, tricep kick backs and the overhead lifts. (3-4 days a week)
3 sets of 20 each: toe taps, muffin tops, torso twists, bicyles (everyday)
3 sets of 1 minute each: planks with side leg tap outs, side planks (everyday)
40 dips (2x a week)
100 push-ups (2x a week)
Stretching (5 minutes at least every day)

It looks like a lot, and it is... but believe me, when my body is aching and all worn out - that's the feeling I CRAVE now! Nice and worked. My energy and moods are both through the roof.

Now, I take a LOT of vitamins... just to ensure I am remaining healthy and since my family has a history of diabetes, heart disease and alzheimers, I take supplements that are proven to fight those disorders. I drink diet pepsi or a diet energy drink throughout the day to make it feel like I have a treat, and I track everything I eat on ... I love this website. Even more than the food journal, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the support forums. You will never find another group of more compassionate or caring people. So, food, exercise, vitamins, water and SUPPORT. That's how I roll. Oh, and typing here to you fine people as well. ;0)

Next Blog: Motivators.... or what I like to call, "WHY THE EFF AM I BOTHERING TO DO THIS!?"

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